Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Who's ready to get healthy & fit?!


February is the month of love, but that doesn't necessarily mean the romantic kind. Love begins with loving yourself, and that is what we are going to focus on during this challenge!

Join me in this fun and interactive challenge group and together we will work towards getting healthier and in better shape, while we also focus on loving ourselves! In this challenge, we will focus on your nutrition and fitness goals, while providing motivation and daily accountability! Plus, what I’m adding to this month’s challenge is journaling! Don’t worry; the journaling and little “assignments” will be quick, daily assignments that will allow you the chance to focus on YOU and the things that make you happy!

During this challenge, we will have fun, encourage each other, have a chance to win prizes, and together we will work hard and keep each other motivated to get the results we want to see AND feel! All of this will be done in our own homes, on our own schedules...what's more convenient than that? It's a recipe for success! I will right here by your side and we will do this together.

This 4 week challenge will run February 2nd through March 1st. Pricing varies depending on which workout program you choose and if you want to include Shakeology in your program (which I highly recommend doing), so let's talk now and match you with the perfect plan that's right for YOU and your GOALS!

EMAIL ME  for more info. or to join!

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