Friday, February 27, 2015

Coaches Wanted ~ Join My Team!


I'm looking for 4 motivating and inspiring individuals who have a passion for health and fitness and want to help others along their health and fitness journeys. Is this you?
I am about to hit a major milestone in my fitness-based home business and I am currently looking to grow my group for some BIG plans that I have in the works! I am loving being able to help others and do this as a business in my own home. I have been truly blessed not only with this opportunity, but with my success in my business so far, and I'd love for you to come along on this journey with me.
Since becoming a Beachbody coach, I'm even more focused and dedicated to my health and fitness goals, my confidence has increased, I'm meeting other inspiring and motivating like-minded people, and I've created my own business working from home on my own schedule. I love being my own boss, setting my own hours, my own goals, and creating my vision for how I want to help people and help change lives. I have coaches on my team who already have full-time jobs, but love the inspiring environment and the fulfillment it brings them to help others, just as it does me! It's a bonus that this is bringing in an income!

-Help people reach their health & fitness goals. 
-Reach your health & fitness potential. 
-Be your own boss. 
-Work from home. 
-Live your passion. 
-Wear your workout clothes every day. 
-Make a positive change in your life. 
-Join our team, ranked in the top 1% of the company out of over 240,000+ coaches. 
-Receive training and mentoring from some of the top coaches in the company. 
-Make a full or part time income.
-Receive a sign up gift.

You DON'T need to be a fitness professional, at your goal weight, or business guru. You just need to have the motivation, passion and drive to help others and yourself be healthy and fit!
I love the convenience of working out and working at home so I can be there for my daughter. I'm so happy I took a leap of faith and joined this amazing team! It has motivated me to be an even better version of myself, and I know it can do the same for you too!

For more details, CLICK HERE OR
EMAIL ME for info or to join my team! 

The next coach training academy starts next month! Let's do this!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Reason

Before becoming a mother, my reasons for keeping my health and fitness a priority were basically all about me; about how I felt, looked, and just for my overall health. I've been a runner for the past 16 years, and training for races gives me a high like no other. Committing to something like training for a full or half marathon not only gives me strength and confidence, but it makes me feel like an achiever, a goal-getter, and not to mention gives me a few bragging rights! (Ever ran the hills in San Francisco Marathon course? Brutal!) Eating healthy has been a part of my lifestyle since I woke up and saw the photos of me sporting my freshman 15 bod...and I never looked back!

Now that I'm a mother and have my family to take care of, my reasons have shifted. All the ones mentioned above still hold true of course, but now I have EVEN MORE reasons to be healthy, strong, and to be my best every day. I'm raising our daughter to also be healthy and fit, and to take care of herself and honor her body as I do mine. My child is very spirited and has a never-ending supply of energy, so I don't have a choice but to be on my toes all day, every day. Because of that alone, I need to make sure I take care of myself by getting enough rest (still working on that one), eating nutrient-dense foods, and exercising so my body is strong. I want to show my daughter the importance of taking care of our bodies, our vessels. 

I can't even begin to explain the happiness and sense of fulfillment it brings me when my 2.5 year old toddler tells me she wants to go for a run, or wants to do exercises with mommy, or is "so busy working, mommy." She is already a hard-working and driven individual at her tiny little age, and I have to take some, if not most, credit for that. Being able to create a fitness-based business working from home has been the biggest blessing for me. I truly wish I had found the opportunity sooner, but life just seems to work its ways with timing. I thought about getting my personal trainer certification, or go back and get another degree in kinesiology or related field, but when I found the coaching opportunity with Beachbody, I had to see what it was all about. I didn't have to be at my goal weight, or be a professional in the fitness industry. I just had to have the drive to focus on my own health and fitness and have the passion to help others with theirs. It aligned with my values and my passion for helping others. I was sold.

I know that this is just the beginning for me on this journey and I'm so excited to show my daughter even more as she grows older. It's such an enormous responsibility to raise another human being and to show her what being healthy and active and an ambitious woman looks like, and of course I want her to be nothing less than everything she wants to be. My reason now is her.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Wind Down Fitness Challenge

Winter is coming to an end, and you know what that means? It means that summer is quickly approaching and it’s time to get SERIOUS!
Join me in my Winter Wind Down online accountability group and together we will work HARD towards getting healthier and in better shape. In this challenge, we will focus on your nutrition and fitness goals, while providing motivation and daily accountability! There will also be prizes! (Victoria’s Secret gift card for that HOT new swimsuit sound like an incentive??)
During this challenge, we will have fun, encourage each other, have a chance to win prizes, and together we will work hard and keep each other MOTIVATED and ACCOUNTABLE to get the results we want to see AND feel! All of this will be done in our own homes, on our own schedules...what's more convenient than that? It's a recipe for success!
This challenge will run for 21 days and focus on either the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme programs, but there are plenty of other programs to choose from if you aren't interested in either of those. I will match you with a program that fits your health and fitness goals. Pricing varies depending on which workout program you choose and if you want to include Shakeology in your program (which I highly recommend doing), so let's talk now and match you with the perfect plan that's right for YOU and your GOALS!
The challenge takes place in a private Facebook group and includes:
~Private coaching
~Meal plans
~Daily & weekly check-ins
~At-home workout program
You can contact me at or send me an email.
Let's do this together!