Thursday, November 19, 2015

5 Tips to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

You don't have to fall completely off the health & fitness wagon just because it's the holiday season! Sure, it's a time for celebrating and indulging, but you can still stay on track and feel great! Just follow my 5 tips for having a healthy holidays season:

1. Plan ahead - Plan your meals for the week, including weekends. This is where we usually fall off, especially when our calendars are overflowing with holiday parties!
2. Choose your splurges - Know ahead of time when cheats are most likely going to happen: at work, holiday parties, pizza night at home, etc. and add in extra cardio or a brisk walk that day.
3. Eat before you leave - Eat a healthy meal of protein and veggies first - fill up with the good stuff at home before attending a holiday event. You won't be hungry and will be less likely to over-indulge or over-graze on fatty foods.
4. Don't skip workouts - If your schedule fills up, get mini workouts in or take a walk on a break or before leaving for an event.
5. Join an accountability group - Support and motivation from a group of individuals all on the same journey with healthy goals will help you stay one track, plug in especially during the holidays when it's the easiest time of year to stray from health & fitness goals!

Want to join my 21 Days of Fix-mas Fitness & Nutrition Challenge, starting on December 1st?


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